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I've said stuff for many satisfied clients... like these:GRAPHIC - Voiceover artist Jay Kiernan puts a few of his voiceover clients in motion

I have my own Pro Tools digital recording studio.  Free ISDN sessions are available (with no ISDN charges from my end of the connection).  Fax or e-mail your copy, and I'll be happy to audition.  I'll send an mp3 file via e-mail, or ship a CD overnight.  Please download my mp3 voiceover demos, and give me a listen right now.  Or ask me to send a voice over demo on compact disc.  I believe you'll find that I'm an extremely versatile voiceover artist.  I do hope you'll consider me when you need voiceover talent for your next session.  You can call me a Voiceover Artist, Voiceover Talent, Voice Talent, Voice Actor, Narrator, Announcer or any of the other titles associated with what I do.  Just call me now.  I'd love to say stuff for you!